Green company – from start to start = Second Life

Green Energy brings your used solar cell products back to life, thus ensuring that the company’s green line is continued

In the rapidly growing, global solar cell company Green Energy/, with a division in Denmark, we have decided to think long-term. Our solar cells, supplied to numerous different company cars, delivery vans, camper vans etc. have a service that far exceeds the vehicles in which they will be fitted.

We have decided to make use of this via our Second Life programme. The panels are removed from the vans and at the factory in Denmark are converted into small solar cell systems that can supply vital power to countless African families.  By ensuring that these families get power, Green Energy/ can help create security and growth locally.

The smart thing about this Second Life product is that it is not a generator that needs fuel to run – the solar panels require no maintenance and they can withstand extreme weather and even being driven or walked over.

Second Life


Since the very moment the solar cells were created, sustainability has been integral to the thinking behind them. Our solar cells are made from 4 components – Copper, Indium, Gallium and Selenide. We recover the Copper from waste cable, and the Indium and Gallium from flat screens and the Selenide is obtained from refined Quartz sand.

For us, it is extremely important to ensure that we almost exclusively use recycled materials – nothing is mined. Our policy on recycled materials has meant that we now get countless square metres of solar cells from a discarded iPhone screen.

Our Second Life project is a collaboration between ourselves and AAA (African Afforestation Association), an NGO organisation.

Like us, they can see the development potential in solar cells in the region and hope that, through collaboration with Green Energy/ to be able to facilitate a major boost in sustainable energy.

Carbon footprint

Besides our Second Life project in collaboration with AAA we also actively support afforestation in the region thereby neutralising our CO2 account. This means, for example, that we also compensate for the trips that are necessary in a company like ours with contacts all over the globe. Primarily by planting mango and cashew nut trees, it also creates earning opportunities for the families and reduces deforestation.

Second Life

Green Energy/ is a global company with a central warehouse in Denmark, we are supported by both the Norwegian innovation foundation and the Danish growth foundation.

We offer a wide range of products which utilise the sun’s energy in an innovative way, and then converts this energy to an economically sustainable benefit for everyone. See our plug-and-play products here.

Second Life
From left to right, Salam from Green Energy, Helle, Chairperson of AAA in Danmark and Board members Daniel and Comfort, and at the end of the row, Light, who is Operations Manager in Africa.

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