Green and Logical Solution for City Logistics with Solar Cells

Logistics firm thinks smartly and secures an even greener profile. With centralised solutions and green energy, they ensure an environmentally friendly delivery

A company that started a project with the Municipality of Roskilde on smarter delivery back in 2016 has gained a solid foothold and has grown significantly. Now the company has taken delivery of two electric lorries, this time two large MAN lorries, built by Brdr. Plagborg and fitted with 640 Wp solar cells from Green Energy/, solar cells distributed by Europart and available in all their branches and in all 27 countries.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

City Logistics has created a unique opportunity for companies to have goods delivered together and at a time that suits them, with their ingeniously designed central goods delivery solutions.

The company offers a solution where parcels are delivered, for example, by DSV, which can then run a total haul to one of City Logistics’ terminals located outside the city, and then City Logistics transports the goods to the customer at an agreed time.

A clear improvement in the work organisation of their customers and a big win for the environment. City Logistics transports the goods in electric vehicles, and by using solar cells on the vehicles, the range is extended; the solar cells provide power for the lifts, ventilation and all additional equipment.


CO2-saving and Customer Service

In the municipality of Roskilde alone, this solution has reduced lorry traffic in the city by 2000 annually. City Logistics has several municipalities and private companies, e.g., Matas, as customers. This has required a rethinking of the way goods are delivered.

Where customers used to receive goods trickling out over the day and week, City Logistics, for example, now delivers office supplies twice a week to a municipality, freeing up man-hours at the customers’ location.

Matas, which is a large customer, can now decide when the local stores receive goods, so an employee does not have to leave during opening hours, which in turn creates a better customer experience for Matas’ retailers.


Five-hour Plans

City Logistics has a plan to expand the current 3 terminals, also called micro hubs, in Aarhus, Roskilde and Lyngby respectively, to a total of 13 terminals in Denmark. In addition, the company focuses on Germany and France, especially Paris, which is plagued by heavy traffic.



In addition to electric vans and the new MAN electric lorries, City Logistics alsohas electric bicycles, giving them a 100% electric fleet, and the company can take care of everything from urgent deliveries and fruit orders to large parcel deliveries for their customers.

City Logistics currently has 25 employees. The drivers are extremely excited about driving the electric cars with solar cells on the roof. The car is quiet and you’re sure not to run out of power.

We at Green Energy/ are proud of our cooperation with Europart in having supplied solar cells to City Logistics and congratulate you on the new MAN e-TMG, which could be seen at the recent transport fair.

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