GR Transport & Logistik GmbH ensures cold goods

GR Transport & Logistik GmbH is a cold chain logistics company. Solar cells from Green Energy/ now provide power to their semi-trailers

From the establishment in 2013 and up till now, the company GR Transport & Logistik GmbH has grown into an internationally recognized freight forwarding company. Their keywords are reliability and flexibility. This is now even further guaranteed with the installment of solar cells from Green Energy/ on the first of the fifteen vehicles.

GR Transport & Logistikk GmbH

Your delivery of cold storage transport

GR Transport & Logistik GmbH provides cold storage transport for groceries stores, grain transport, and long-distance transport. The company is based in Rudolstadt, Douai FR, Germany, and has more than 25 employees and a logistics area of 25.000 m2. This makes them able to provide complete logistics solutions for medium-sized businesses in the region and for global businesses. A wide international network ensures fast and adapted solutions all over the world – this is priceless when it comes to transport of foods.

GR Transport & Logistikk GmbH

CO2 neutrality and operational safety

When asked why he chose solar cells from Green Energy/MIPV, Rene Görner states: “The purpose with solar cells for us is not only the fuel reduction but also a CO2 neutrality. Our flexibility is increased even further with self-sufficient semi-trailers. The solar cells can also provide power for the cooling trailers with electrical tailgates. We need to stop the polluting idling now”, Rene Görner states.

Read more on fuel reduction by the implementation of solar cells here:

Testing a big system

To start with a 320Wp solar system, a 50A charge regulator and a 4000W inverter have been installed in one of the cooling trailers. Right now, we’re testing this system, Rene Görner states, and soon we’re looking to install solar cells on another three vehicles.

At Green Energy/MIPV we’re very pleased to be able in collaboration with EUROPART to deliver solar cell systems and we congratulate GR Transport & Logistik GmbH on their first test vehicle.

GR Transport & Logistikk GmbH

Read more on GR Transport & Logistik GmbH: WWW.GR-LOGISTIK.COM.

Remember that you can purchase solar cells at your local EUROPART, if you also want to reduce your fuel consumption and become CO2 neutral.

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GR Transport & Logistikk GmbH

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