GMS road repair – asphalt and concrete milling since 1983

GMS roadway renovation is environmentally friendly. They expand their green profile with solar cells on the roof

Since 1983 German company GMS, Gesellschaft für Fahrbahnsanierungen, has stood for good craftsmanship in roadway renovation. With their custom-developed machine, the ”Road-Twister”, they can precisely mill without edges, a technology that is used for delimitation and increased road grip. The company is very mindful of its responsibility for the environment. Because of this, the next step was getting solar cells from Green Energy/ installed on the first of their semi-trailer trucks.


When innovation and environmental protection go together

The keywords at GMS are high road safety, environmental protection, and optimal service. GMS has developed the first app in the world, a milling calculator, that can be used for estimating the duration of the milling work. This is ideal for road work planning and avoiding the most possible nuisance for traffic. All their milling machines are equipped with a vacuum cleaner as standard. GMS uses the newest methods to generate the least amount of noise, dust, and exhaust emissions. This is where solar cells from Green Energy/ enter the picture.

Installation for the benefit of the environment and the worker

There’s a 165Wp solar cell set installed which charges the starter battery. Thereby, you avoid idling and the exhaust emissions thereof. The solution also prolongs the lifetime of the battery for the benefit of the environment.


Since 2020 the company has received its power from renewable energy sources, so the choice to install solar cells wasn’t difficult. Regarding the question of why the choice fell on solar cells from Green Energy/, the garage foreman, Stefan Ley, answers: “It’s a highly flexible and simple system. We expect a better power supply for the vehicle and better comfort for the driver. When the trial period is over, we’ve planned to install more sets.”

We congrats GMS with their first set for now.

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