The Solar Cell Solution of the Future – Developed in Scandinavia – Compatible with All Car Models

The company INNEK has chosen the solar cell solution of the future and therefore always has 220v and charged batteries in their vans

This week, we visited the INNEK company.

The company installs all types of heat pumps, and that requires a car with plenty of space to bring everything along. INNEK mainly installs Heatsave A/S heat pumps. That is why Kenni Larsen, the owner of the company, has replaced his VW Transporter with a MAN TGE, which is fitted for that purpose.


Enough Power all day

As INNEK primarily uses Makita battery tools, such as vacuum pumps, screw machines etc., the new car is equipped with a 190 Wp solar cell set, and a sine-wave inverter from MIPV.PRO.

 The solar cells are developed in Scandinavia and made of 100% recycled material.

Kenni Larsen tells us that it is wonderful not to have to worry about whether there is enough power for his tools, as the sun does the job, and in addition, the green image fits well when installing climate-smart and energy-efficient heating systems at customers’ locations; therefore it shall also read “The car has solar cells; this is good for the environment,” on the rear of the car when it is painted next week.

Easy Financing

The car is leased from NF Fleet/ALD, and the solar cells system is included in the leasing contract, so everything was installed before the car was put into service.

The solar cell kits are E-certified, which means that the warranty on the cars is not affected by the installation. Our solar cell kits fit all cars.


In addition, the solar cell kits eliminate the Euro6 problem, in which the car does not charge at less than 2500 RPM.

The INNEK company is expanding by bringing on a new employee, so one more MAN TGE car with solar cells has been ordered.

In addition to solar solutions in your leasing contract, you also have an option to install these yourself.


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