PRESS RELEASE: Get sunpower on your sailboat

Sailboats are great, the silence being a big part of the experience and feeling of independence.

On a sailboat ship, there is no other way to get power than to start the engine, if there is one on board. But, starting an engine interrupts the silence and cost fuel.

The solution to avoid noise from an engine is solar cells! Please note, as you can see in this little video, that not all types of solar cells are
suitable for this purpose.

The CIGS technology of Green Energy Scandinavia solar cells provides excellent performance even in gray weather and can withstand partial shadows. This is of great importance when the ship is in port and shadows from neighboring master ships hit the panels.

CIGS technology is also superior when it comes to impact resistance. No cracks can occur in the material known as micro cracks, which is known from other technologies such as c-Si. Since micro cracks can lead to hot spots in a conventional solar panel, it will represent a fire hazard.

All of these concerns do not exist with flexible CIGS therefore being the only viable solution for a sailboat.

get sunpower

Mobile integrated photovoltaic panels: MIPV.PRO

MIPV is a special area that requires special products, and partly everything has to be E-certified for it to be mounted in all the different vehicles and ships produced around the world.

The components of a set from are E8 certified and tested on thousands of installations around the world.

We have developed this new product for mounting on sea railings on the ship’s side. This is to utilize the space optimally and to avoid mounting solar cells on the scarce area often available on the ship’s deck.
It is precisely this location that utilizes the unique properties of the solar cells to absorb light from the glare that occurs when the sun hits the water.

With a set from, it is possible to avoid connection to shore power when the ship is in port.

Together with an extra battery and one of the extremely durable inverters from, you have the perfect solution to get 220V on board.
This is a great relief in many situations and opens up a number of new opportunities at sea.
All our sets are Plug & Play and there are elaborate videos on assembling all parts.

Everything is included in the box when it arrives at your private address.

Please write to us and we respond within 24 hours. It’s time for you too to enjoy the complete silence while your batteries are charged by mother nature.

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