German attention to detail produces results at Korent Transports And Tire Service

A high degree of professionalism and superior facilities – another local support point for installation of Green Energy/ solar cells in Germany

Irina and Andreas Korent have been running Korent Transports And Tire Service Ltd in Ensdorf, Saarland, Germany since 2008.

Korent Transport

They specialize in carrying dangerous goods

They specialize in the transportation of dangerous goods and with a large and well-functioning workshop, they have also earned the title of No. 1 Local Support Point (out of a number of others) for the installation of Green Energy/ products sold by in this region of Germany. This is where customers can come to have their Green Energy/ solar cells installed. The concept of ​​local support points is an ingenious one, and extremely customer friendly.

It ensures a fast and efficient service for the buyer.

A Volvo in transformation

One of our technicians visited Korent Transports And Tire Service and whilst there helped to install the first 165 Wp solar cell set on a Volvo FH12 and in so doing, ensured certification of the workshop for future installations of MIPV (Mobile Integrated Photovoltaic) units.

Korent Transport

Safety above all in ADR

When installing solar cells – and all other extra equipment – on trucks used to carry dangerous goods, some challenges arise insofar as the guidelines for ADR (carriage of Dangerous goods by Road) are concerned. For safety reasons, within the ADR zone, nothing may be installed, for example, behind the cab since all wiring needs to go down through the cab.

By going through the cab, it is possible to connect the solar cell set to the positive pole on the torpedo plate, and thereby allowing the battery to be charged directly via the charge controller, which with the patented technology avoids any over-charging of the battery.

The ultra-thin CIGS solar panels are glued directly onto the roof of the cab and provide no wind resistance.


Simple and safe installation

Korent Transport

Our solar cell set is delivered as a ready-made plug-and-play set complete with cables, glue and a roof penetration kit. The product is E-certified, with which all factory warranty is maintained on the vehicle.

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Korent Transport

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