GENERAL-INSPED: Transport with a greener profile

For the transport of Dangerous Goods, Steel and Paper Products, GENERAL-INSPED is ready. With solar panels on the top of their trucks, they can save fuel

With their headquarter situated in the outskirts of Hidas, Hungary, the company GENERAL-INSPED Kft. mainly specialises in international freight and logistic services. The company’s goal is to work with market and competitive prices. With the installation of solar panels on the company’s Scania Trucks, they are securing both a greener profile and fuel savings.

A company founded on experience and the newest equipment

Since 1986 GENERAL-INSPED Kft has been a part of the shipping industry. And with experience, education and a belief that only the best is good enough, both in the company and amongst the 80 employees, they have secured themselves a leading position in their field of expertise. With their own service workshop, three top qualified mechanics can maintain and control the company’s fleet consisting of 50 vehicles which among others consist of 43 long haul trucks each weighing 40 tons in total. All the company’s vehicles have an average age of under 3 years.

At GENERAL-INSPED Kft, they mainly transport steel and paper products among other equipment, but they are also able to transport ARD (dangerous goods), so a secure fleet is essential.

An investment in the future with the installation of solar panels

Csaba Koncz from Green Energy/ has been a part of installing the first 165Wp solar panel set on the company’s brand new Scania 460 S from 2023, in connection to that the company has been certified as an installation partner by Green Energy/ solar panels through EUROPART. He has met with the owner and Administrative Director Béla Bányai for a talk.

We heard about the products through our collaborators EUROPART. I am interested in the products as they can help us maintain our high standards. With solar panels on the roof of our lorries, we are keeping the batteries in a good state, we secure better work conditions for our lorry drivers, they avoid idle driving and the noise it produces at stops or loading/unloading, and simultaneously they do not have to worry if they can start the lorry up again. With the installation, we are also saving fuel, which also doubles as an environmental gain and makes us able to deliver competitive prices to our customers. The plan is to install more sets when the test period is over”, Béla Bányai concludes.


We congratulate GENERAL-INSPED Kft on the installation of their first solar panel set and their certification as an installation partner.

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