FROTA AZUL: A major player in the Portuguese bus sector scene

The bus company FROTA AZUL keeps the wheels spinning with the help of solar panels on the roof both nationally and abroad

The bus company FROTA AZUL is a part of  Barraqueiro Transportes, s.a., and is located in Olival Basto, north of Lisbon in Portugal. The company was founded in 1981 to assist the Barraqueiro group’s needs in connection with the expansion of tourism activities.

The goal is to manage a fleet of high-quality buses. As such, the company has secured a position as the preferred supplier to leading Portuguese and international travel operators and travel bureaus. The company’s pursuit of providing the best quality has led to a green initiative. They have installed solar panels on the roof of 5 Mercedes tourist buses.  

Focus on safety and comfort

FROTA AZUL, with its stunning 88 modern tourist buses, strives to offer driving of the highest quality, where the customer’s comfort and safety are in focus. Therefore, all the company’s employees have gone through specialized education to accommodate different functions and areas of responsibility. 

Frota Azul

One of the World’s best bus companies

With years of experience, the company has not only succeeded in becoming a major player in the Portuguese bus sector scene – Frota Azul is currently a part of the Global Passenger Network, a network that unifies the best bus companies in the world.

A stamp of approval has been given because the company warrants the delivery of modern and environmentally friendly buses, all equipped with up-to-date and sector-leading modern appliances. 

Already back in 2013, the company got ISO certified in quality and environmental management. A company strategy that has led to a collaboration between the company itself, EUROPART, and Green Energy/ regarding the installation of solar panels on the company’s buses. 

The collaboration between companies benefits the customer

It is Ricardo Goncalves from Green Energy/ who has helped with the installation of 960Wp solar panels on the company’s Mercedes Tourismo buses. The installation will secure a considerable saving on fuel (up to 370 gallons of fuel per bus annually), as the bus driver does not have to keep the motor going at breaks and such. The benefits also include that the solar panel secures energy to the battery and therefore offers better operational safety, which also prolongs the battery’s lifespan. This aligns with the company’s wish to deliver a service known for its operational safety and environmental cost efficiency. 

We congratulate FROTA AZUL on their new solar panels.


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