Frontalit thinks in terms of both aesthetics and economics

Frontalit Kft. is in the business of producing and distributing furniture panels and other furniture industry products. Now that they have installed solar panels on the roof of their trucks, their product transportation has become even more environmentally friendly

Frontalit Kft., headquartered in Vásárosnamény, Hungary, has been on the domestic market since 2004. Over the years, the company has undergone a huge transformation thanks to the expansion of its capacity, structural developments, and many innovations. Today, environmental protection plays a huge part. Frontalit Kft. tries to meet these aspects in every way, so when they placed solar panels on the roof of their trucks, they didn’t only consider the financial aspects, but more importantly, environmental protection. It is well-known that the emission of harmful substances from trucks is considered one of the worst when it comes to air pollution, so this development will hopefully serve as an example.  

Paying attention to quality everywhere

One of the cornerstones of the success of Frontalit Kft. is that both management and employees strive for delivering the best quality. Csaba Koncz, an employee of Green Energy/, spoke with co-owner and CEO, Dávid Zsoldos, about what led them to choose our solar panels:

“I heard about the product through EUROPART and thought it was a brilliant idea, as installing these are an excellent solution both regarding quality and finances. The installation itself is simple, but besides saving fuel it also helps to avoid idling because the semi-trailer trucks are supplied with energy during unloading and loading. This prevents unnecessary carbon emissions. A 165 kWp solar panel array will be installed on the company truck, a 2021 MAN TGX, and we have also bought another system, so two trucks are now fitted with solar panels. A 165Wp solar panel system saves 500-700 liters of fuel per truck annually, so installing them is also financially beneficial,” Dávid Zsoldos concludes.       

Congratulations to Frontalit Kft. on the initial installation and continued development! 

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