From A to B with Green Energy

H.E. Herbst movers take good care of your belongings AND the environment during the move using solar cells from Green Energy/

H.E. Herbst GmbH & Co., which has been around for over 200 years, is today one of the most renowned moving companies in the region, with international moves and around 30 vans. They handle everything from total relocation solutions for private individuals and companies to the shipping of freight and container storage. So whatever your need, H.E. Herbst Group has a solution to suit you.

Setting the Standard

The company, which is a member of DMS (Deutsche Möbelspedition), has set the standard in the removals business. These standards spread like ripples in the water, from the dedicated and highly professional staff to the modern vehicles. Vans are now fitted with solar cells from Green Energy/, supplied in collaboration with EUROPART.

Choice of Solution

When asked why the flexible solar cells were chosen from Green Energy/, the answer is clear:

“We have chosen this product because of its flexibility and ease of installation,” says Claus Lange, Managing Director.

The solar cells will ensure fuel savings as idling is avoided. They will provide power to operate the lift and increased comfort for the driver and the cars avoiding battery problems.  “We want to make the company CO2-neutral compared to other players in the market,” says Claus Lange proudly.

H.E. Herbst

Future Plans

Oliver Böcher, from Green Energy/, was the first of many to install a 165 Wp solar array on a MAN TGX. “Once the kit has been tested at our premises, the plan is to install more,” says Claus Lange.

“We at Green Energy/ are happy and proud that H.E. Herbst has chosen our products, and we look forward to further cooperation.”

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Contact your local EUROPART branch and get solar cells for your vehicle while ensuring fuel savings and CO2 neutrality.

H.E. Herbst

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