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Power bank 1500 for the hobbyist or demanding professional, Green energy/ has it all

You probably already know our large ”BlackBox” power bank, but have you seen our smart ”small” power bank, perfect for bringing along when you are on the go?


Hold it by the handle

With a weight of 15 kg, a compact size of 371.5×165.4×364.7 mm and a built-in carrying handle, it comprises a really smart solution, which with its 1000W pure sine wave and 1.5 kWh battery capacity can be used for tasks outside the vehicle, or for hobbyist use.

There are qty. 2 220 V outputs with combined power of 1000 W, qty. 1 12V output and qty. 1 USB C output and 4 5 V USB jack. The built-in LCS display shows the current status of the power bank. Separate on/off for AC and DC.

This mobile solution ensures charging of extra batteries, so you avoid running out of power during the middle of a task. Ideal for the tradesman, gardeners or other people who do not always have direct access to the local power grid. With its two 220 V outputs, it provides the extra flexibility to also use tools that are not battery-powered.                                         

It is also available in a Makita version, allowing you to charge 14 of Makita’s 5 A batteries + the two batteries that can be in the charger, before you run out of power. A Makita battery can be used for all forms of battery-powered tools with the same voltage. Also available in Husqvarna and Milwaukee versions.

Two charging possibilities

It is possible to charge the power bank via an input connector for the included 220 V charger, which takes 3 hours if the bank is completely empty. or with our flexible CIGS solar cell panels, and a booster, a thoroughly green solution that benefits both the environment and your wallet.

The built-in MPPT (maximum power point tracking) charge regulator ensures a charging efficiency of nearly 99 % without any risk of overcharging.

Our solar cell panels are fully plug-and-play, and are easy to install, see how here: Mounting Video for MIPV.PRO solar panels – YouTube

Our power bank is sold both directly and via EUROPART.

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