Flixbus expands their green solutions – Now you can travel with solar panels

The future of Flixbus has been secured with solar panels installed on the roof of their buses – benefiting both the bottom line and the climate

Flixbus has been known for its sustainable and environmentally friendly focus for a long time. Now the company takes it one step further by installing solar panels on some of its buses, which will help decrease carbon emissions even more. 

Thoughtfulness is key 

Flixbus is Europe’s largest long-distance bus network, which has since 2013 changed the way of travel. With solar panels installed on top, they lead in green transformation and unite great travel experiences with their green ambitions. 

Flixbus has been put into this world to make sustainable travel comfortable and cheap. The company is driven by innovation and entrepreneurship where they follow technological development and the green transition. Now the green buses are shifting up a gear.  

Flixbus route network covers more than 30 countries and thousands of cities all over Europe like popular destinations such as Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam.  

The transport sector is among the most fossil fuel-dependent and largest carbon emission sectors. Flixbus is working to change that.  

The benefits that solar panels provide 

Solar panels are a sustainable solution that creates multiple benefits on Flixbus’ green journey. Here are some of the most important benefits gained from installing photovoltaic systems: 

-Reduction of carbon emission: Solar panels produce electricity without emissions, which reduces the total carbon emission from Flixbus’ fleet of buses. 

– Increased fuel economy: Having extra energy sources on board the bus makes it possible to reduce the need for fossil fuels, which will increase Flixbus’ effectiveness and help protect the environment. 

The photovoltaic system has several benefits besides the above, but these aspects show significant improvements in the bus company’s values and our mutual planetary resources. 

Read more about the company here: www.global.flixbus.com

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