Fiksern AS: Norway’s biggest stunt group and pioneers in sustainable film production with solar cell technology

From spectacular stunts to sustainable energy – discover how Fiksern AS has taken a step in a greener direction by integrating CIGS solar cells on the roof of their vehicle

In a world full of action, drama, and adrenalin, it’s crucial to have a reliable power source for your spectacular stunts and equipment. Nobody understands the importance of a reliable power source better than Fiksern AS – the biggest stunt group in Norway. With snow and smoke machines and everything in between, the group always needs a reliable and powerful energy source on set. This is where CIGS solar cells from Green Energy/ step in and add a new dimension of green power for both stunts and special effects.

The future of film production

Fiksern AS has always had sustainable values and an ambition to support a green future. But before crossing paths with Green Energy/, they had no idea that they could embellish their vehicles with solar cells.

Now, they have discovered the potential and taken a bold step toward a more sustainable future. The company car, which is now beaming with solar cells, is a manifestation of their ambitions to be green technology pioneers in the industry.

From Max Magnus to Mission Impossible

Fiksern AS is Norway’s biggest stunt group and a name synonymous with excitement, action, and professional stunts. The company has established itself as a significant player in the national and international film industry. Their impressive stunts and technical expertise have made them a desirable partner for major Norwegian film productions as well as international blockbusters.

Fikseren AS has made its name known nationally and internationally from its involvement in huge Norweigan movies like Max Magnus and international blockbusters like Mission Impossible. Their success isn’t just rooted in their courage, talent, and technical skills, but also in their ability to adapt and make use of the latest technology to create spectacular scenes. With the installment of CIGS solar cells on their equipment, the group has taken a big step towards securing reliable and sustainable energy for all their tasks.

Reliable energy for every scene

Whether it’s the challenging Norweigan mountains where the temperature can drop below freezing point or during the extreme coastal weather conditions where rain and wind can be unpredictable, the solar cells have proven to be resilient. Their advanced technology and durable construction make them able to resist even the toughest weather conditions during filming. This is why Fiksern AS can now rely completely on having the necessary power no matter which challenges nature might throw at them.

Another significant advantage of using CISG solar cells is the flexibility that they provide the group on the movie set. Earlier, you would be dependent on large, heavy generators to deliver the necessary power for your equipment. But because the plug and play solar solution is installed on the Sprinter, Fiksern AS can move around freely on location without being bound by the limitations of the generators. This means that they’re able to perform stunts even in the most remote locations where it wouldn’t have been possible previously.


Fiksern on a solar mission

The next time you watch an action scene, where Fiksern AS has been involved, you can rest assured that solar power plays a defining role in creating those spectacular moments. It’s not only a question of being environmentally responsible, it’s also about being technologically innovative and future-proof. By exchanging the heavy, noisy generators for CISG solar cells, Fiksern AS has not only reduced their impact on nature but also improved the working environment for everyone on set. No more noisy motors, no more gas leaks, and no more limitations because of cable lengths.

Fiksern AS provides a great example of how, even in a world of action and adventure, you can make choices that are valuable for entertainment and our planet at the same time.

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