A family business committed to logistics and the environment

Rosner Logistik leads the way to success through green solutions and their latest initiative is solar cells on their trucks

In 1925, the freshly graduated Franz Rosner came home to the town of Neiss, rented his first truck and founded the forwarding company which today is the highly reputable and recognised organisation, Rosner Logistik.

Rosner Logistik

It has been a long and arduous journey powered all the way by indomitable optimism, energy and ingenuity. And with values ​​that today have resulted in the business having solar cells installed on its first truck, carried out in collaboration between EUROPART and Green Energy/MIPV.pro.

Clear green profile

The company has already implemented energy-saving solutions, e.g., solar cells on the company roof in Oelde and truck washing using rainwater, and now has a fervent desire that with the new solar cells they can extend the life of their vehicles’ batteries, reduce idling and by so doing, increase fuel savings and reduce pollution.

Rosner Logistik, which has a fleet of 200 vehicles consisting exclusively of low-emission units powered by EURO6 engines, is looking forward with great expectation to the first tests of the new 165Wp solar cell set that has now been installed and is ready to be installed on the remainder of the fleet.

Rosner Logistik

Made for vehicles

The ultra-thin solar panels from Green Energy/MIPV.pro designed specifically for vehicle mounting, do not contribute to wind resistance. Their inherent flexibility secures against microcracks and eliminates the risk of the panels bursting into flames. Read more about our solar panels here.

4th generation, a proud family.

This extensive family company that specialises in volume transport (insulation material, plastic pipe insulation, vehicle parts, etc.) is today run by Michael and Markus, sons of Franx-Peter Rosner. The company has 450 employees.

We at Green Energy / MIPV.pro are proud that Rosner Logistik has chosen our products and look forward to an excellent working relationship with them.

Read more about Rosner Logistik and see what the company can offer in terms of solutions www.rosner-logistik.eu.

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Rosner Logistik

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