Faftir: National and international transport on the highest level

At Faftir they specialise in national and international transport. By installing solar cells high operational reliability is ensured for the driver when he is on the road

The family-owned transport operator Faftir, which have its headquarters in Fafe, in Northern Portugal, have been the customer’s guarantee for professional and competitive service for more than 20 years. Since the company was founded by João Ribeiro in 2001, the company have strived to be best in class. This has now led to the installation of solar cells on the company’s trucks. 

With Europe as a workplace 

Since the company embarked on their first transport assignment to Germany in 2002, the course has been set with Europa as a workplace. The land transportation of both national and international shipments requires planning when it comes to the company’s 60 employees and its fleet of 45 units. The company experienced rapid growth and in 2007 the company moved to its current location. Throughout their journey, it has been important to maintain their focus on reliable service and a high level of expertise. Through experienced, engaged and highly qualified personnel and a fleet that meets the highest standards, Faftir still manage to deliver a service that focuses on close cooperation and meeting deadlines. That is just one of the reasons why the company has decided to install solar cells on the company’s trucks.  

Reliable, robust and trustworthy is the mantra 

Being a transport operator, reliability is a necessity. Therefore the CEO, João Ribeiro, had a great interest in finding solutions that can maintain higher operational reliability. Ricardo Goncalves from Green Energy/MIPV.pro has helped with the installation of a 110Wp solar cell set on one of the company’s Renault – T tractor units. Here he meets CEO João Ribeiro, who explains the reason behind choosing this exact solar cell solution.

“We got word of your products through EUROPART. As a transport operator, you are always looking for ways to improve reliability, which we believe this solution provides. Besides improved reliability, we will save more than 500 litres of fuel on long-distance trucks each year and as an extra bonus, we will achieve higher carbon neutrality. Besides the economic and reliability advantages we secure a better working environment for our drivers, who avoid idle driving to power coffee machines, tv, etc.


We congratulate Faftir on the installation of the first set. 


Read more about the company here.

The transport sector is one of the areas where it is easy to achieve CO2 savings by installing solar cells. All Green Energy/MIPV.pro solar cell solutions for the transport sector are negotiated through EUROPART, contact your local EUROPART department for more information on price and the solution that fits you.

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