EWII: When fiber optic cable work turns green!

EWII has chosen a solution from www.solarvan.pro for their latest car, whose task will be to travel around and weld fiber optic cables together

EWII is one of the larger utilities and has a goal of being green and CO2 neutral. The company supplies fiber broadband as well as electricity and heat pumps to a large geographical area and is one of the most innovative in the industry.

Joining fiber optic cables has become a major industry and new thinking is needed to avoid the use of fossil fuels to perform the work by means of generators to supply the power in the mobile devices.

New van with power

In this case, a 440 Wp genuine CIGS solar cells and a 3000 W inverter from Green Energy/mipv.pro are installed. This chargecontroller has a unique charging algorithm which optimizes the yield from the solar cells and which can work together with the other power source available, the car’s generator.

This is a WV Crafter and with Euro6 engine. This means that the car factory, in order to reduce emissions in the cities, has switched the car’s generator out of operation at engine speeds below 2500 RPM.

Therefore, when driving in the city and of course when you keep still with the engine off, well then there is no charge on the consumer battery which drives all the work functions in the back of the vehicle. Therefore, an alternative energy source is needed and it supplies the set from www.solarvan.pro.

The set is fitted by Autocentralen, which is one of the major players in the industry for building and delivering naval vehicles. In connection with this project, Autocentralen has had their mechanics trained by the technical team from Green Energy / mipv.pro and therefore they now have the coveted certificate as mipv.pro fitters.

The distribution of this special set for fiber optic cars is Solar Group, which as one of Europe’s largest suppliers of electrical equipment has a good intervention with everything that has to do with the electrical industry and therefore also as in this case a utility company.

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Green and reliable, there is also a www.solarvan.pro set for your van.
Do you have all other sizes of vehicles or maybe a ship, well then there is also something for you at www.mipv.pro.

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