Experience Denmark’s coolest showroom and academy on wheels for EUROPART’s 75th-anniversary tour

Accompanied by EUROPART and MAX HUNT, we’re heading off on a roadshow in our brand-new and top-tuned show trailer

2023 is a very special year for EUROPART. This is the year they celebrate a very special milestone: their 75th anniversary. In 75 years, they have evolved from a regional dealer to an international company with branches in 28 countries and sources of supply all over the world, still deeply rooted in Germany. Year after year, the company has grown, and today it is Europe’s largest supplier of spare parts for trucks, buses and trailers. As a result, the company can celebrate 75 years with more than 1,700 skilled and committed employees from all over EUROPART.

For the big celebration

To mark the anniversary, EUROPART has organized a roadshow around Europe, with various events for employees, suppliers, and customers when they visit the various head offices. It starts in Hagen on April 28 and ends in Gothenburg on July 1.

EUROPART is Green Energy/MIPV.pro’s largest partner and distributor, so we will join them on their anniversary tour. It will be nothing short of magnificent. The program is packed with great events and a set-up involving EUROPART, Max Hunt and Green Energy/MIPV.pro – entertainment is guaranteed.

Top-tuned set-up

Under the alias Max Hunt, Hauke Bruhn travels the world in his truck and documents it on video for tens of thousands of enthusiastic followers. His impressive trucks have already transported his family around most of the world, and now he’s making another trip down through Europe. Max Hunt, YouTuber and trucker, also always manages to make an entrance. With his Scania R 500 8×8 with HMF crane, top-tuned and specially designed, it’s hard to keep up. But he won’t be the center of attention on the anniversary tour.


The biggest entrance

On the occasion of EUROPART’s 75th anniversary, Green Energy/MIPV.pro has designed and built the wildest show trailer. 

The trailer is built in the best Green Energy style. The trailer is packed with all our products and is plastered with solar panels on the roof so that when the side of the trailer is opened, we open up both a magnificent showcase and open up for knowledge sharing and, at the same time, teaching about our products.

We exhibit everything from solar panels, inverters, lithium batteries, Charge Controller, Booster etc. And as an extra detail, we have mounted a camera on the roof so that everyone can see our solar panels in action and thereby follow the electricity production at all times of the day.

See you on the road?

Follow the trailer’s location across Europe with the map here.

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