FoodTankers – environmental thinking behind mobile pipeline

FoodTankers ensures green transportation of foods with solar cells on the roof of the trucks

Since 2015, FoodTankers, a company serving clients in the food and pharmaceutical industry, has seen a lot of success when it comes to taking a stance on sustainability and society. They want to show that it is possible to operate in a sustainable way, environmentally, socially, and economically. This has resulted in the installation of solar cells from Green Energy/ on the first of their many tank trailers.

Environmental thinking behind mobile pipeline

Large fleet guarantees that the food arrives quickly

FoodTankers has its main office in Karlshamn, Sweden, and provides a mobile pipeline for the food and feed manufacturing industry all over Europe. The company was founded in 1955 and has grown to an internationally established provider of unpackaged food transportation services in Europe. With subsidiaries in Poland and Hungary, the company has 110 trucks and 130 trailers to service clients and help ensure the logistics solutions tailor made for each client based on their needs.

Clear environmental goals are important

In addition to the economic benefits of prolonged battery life and fuel savings, FoodTankers’ goal in installing solar panels on tank trailers is to send a message that it is important to do something for the environment. It prevents idling and the carbon emissions that come with it.

Environmental thinking behind mobile pipeline

A strong product and an exciting solution

We has installed 2 x 165Wp solar panels on the first tanker. When warehouse manager at FoodTankers, Anders Viefjord, is asked why solar cells from Green Energy/ were chosen, the answer is: ”We’ve heard about their products from EUROPART, and it’s a very exciting solution. It’s very likely that more installations will follow shortly.”

At Green Energy/ we are happy to please another satisfied customer who has installed the flexible MIPV solar cells (Mobile Integrated Photovoltaic).

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Environmental thinking behind mobile pipeline

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