Enger Transport Basks in Sustainability: Fair Transport Now with Solar Cells

Energy from the Sun, speed on the road: Enger Transport sets the standards with CIGS-solar cells on the fleet as a leading actor

Enger Transport in Norway is the undisputed leader when it comes to container transportation. They have established themselves as a reliable and dynamic company that constantly keeps up with the newest technology for the benefit of their customers and drivers.

The Future’s Container Transportation

With a deep commitment to sustainability, they strive to contribute to the green transition. And now they have taken an exciting step in that direction by installing solar cells on their trucks – a green upgrade.

Enger Transport has achieved the prestigious certification “Fair Transport”. This program obliges them to increase road safety, reduce environmental impact and secure optimal working conditions for their dedicated employees.

State-of-the-art Facilities and Exceptional Service

With the ambition to be Norway’s leading container transporter, they always place customer service first. Their Fair Transport certification provides customers with peace of mind and security when they choose Enger Transport as their transport partner.

The company’s main office is located in Enebakk, where they also have a state-of-the-art workshop, laundry facilities, and an extensive container depot for long-term storage. Their impressive fleet includes 18 side loaders, 75 powerful trucks, 200 reliable container trailers, and 7 robust tipper trailers for different container sizes.

Environmental Prioritization at the Forefront

Enger Transport works continuously to reduce their emissions. They invest exclusively in environmentally friendly vehicles and increase the use of alternative fuels and give their drivers extensive training in eco-friendly driving. They attach great importance to training and follow-up to ensure responsible driving behavior. And now they have also installed CIGS-solar cells as well as the advanced charge controller with data loggers so that each individual driver can closely monitor their energy consumption through an app and thus aim to drive as eco-friendly as possible.

The implementation of solar cells on Enger Transport’s trucks marks an essential step towards sustainability and green transport. Solar cell technology converts light from the sun to electricity, which efficiently fuels different functions in trucks. This innovative solution reduces the dependence on traditional fuels and at the same time reduces CO2 emissions.

The green initiatives are not only beneficial for the environment, but they also give Enger Transport financial benefits. By producing their own electricity, they can reduce fuel costs and create a more sustainable and financially stable business model.

The company knows that green transportation is essential in order to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure a more sustainable future. With solar cell panels on their trucks, Enger Transport is ready to drive at the forefront and lead the way for the rest of the industry in Norway and worldwide.

Read more about Enger Transport here: www.engertransport.no

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