The most effective energy source for your vehicle

The solar cells are designed specifically for the transport sector with a thoroughly tested technology

– Plug green energy into buses, trucks, vans, boats and campers.

A technology that ensures that the cells do not break and they can withstand harsh weather conditions. The panels are mounted with a special glue at the back.

The solar cells are extremely sensitive to light, and produce electricity even on cloudy days with low so- lar radiation. They can be mounted both horizontally and vertically, and the solar cells do not emit heat, that is to say there is no fire hazard.

Complete plug & play solution that is 100% ready to supply power to your vehicle.

You are now riding the green wave – a really good investment in the long term.

Use the solar energy source as a powerful driving force

We have several different plug & play solutions – and if you need a customized solution, we are happy to help by putting together exactly the right solar cell set for you.

Green Energy ́s technical department is ready to advise you, if needed. You can install the set yourself, but we will be happy to refer you to the nearest fitter. Approximately 3 hours of installation time would be required for a 165Wp set.

Benefits of a Solar Cell Syetems

• Renewable power source
• Extended battery life
• Less wear and tear of the generator
• Flexibility – you are not dependent on the electricity grid
• Diesel savings = lower CO2 emissions

Plug and Play set includes

• Solar cells + cable tray (only 640Wp and 960Wp)
• MPPT charge regulator 12V / 24V
• Solar cell cable + Battery cables
• Circuit breaker 30A (or 50A depending on the size)

Do you need more information about Green Energy’s products, contact us here.