From Denmark to Europe: Victor Odin Soria’s E-Kart triumph Racing’s rising star: 12-year-old Victor Odin Soria shines in European E-Kart Championship

Green Energy/ entered the racing world in May, but it wasn’t just any racing team. The Racing Team is honored to have the first Danish electric kart driver competing in the European Championship.

The first Danish electric go-kart Champion

We have one of the most talented young drivers on the team, Victor Odin Soria. At 12, he won the Danish electric go-kart championship, and his path to European recognition is now clearly marked.

Victor’s success is a story of a young Dane who not only competes in his own class, but also represents his country internationally as both Danish Champion and Sports Talent of the Year in 2022. It is a story of dedication, perseverance, and a love for motorsport that has led Victor Odin Soria to the European Championship title and has made him a leading figure in Danish and international electric karting.

Conquering the race tracks of Europe

Over the course of this year, Victor’s achievements have been an impressive conquest of the European race tracks. His ability to navigate and dominate the track has placed him at the forefront as the first Dane to compete in electric karting at the European level. And one thing is clear: Victor leads the way when it comes to electric motorsport events, and his track times and records prove over and over again his fast rise within the European electric karting scene.

Victory at the European Championship

As we approach the end of the 2023 racing season, it has been an incredible time for the Racing Team. Victor Odin Soria has worked his way to the top, and he is now leading the race to become the first European champion in the world of electric karting.

Although in many people’s eyes, motorsport is associated with the sound and smell of petrol engines, we are seeing a global movement towards a more sustainable future for the sport. In Sweden, the use of fossil fuels in motorsport is scheduled to end in 2028, while we see more tracks around the world, including the oldest track in Belgium, allowing only electric vehicles. In Denmark, the Copenhagen Gokart track on Amager has invested in 10 electric karts. In addition, a major engine manufacturer has recently switched to electric technology.

Passion and discipline

But what makes this story even more remarkable is that every time Victor stands on the podium, it is a result of his passion and discipline. While many in the sport have significant financial resources, the Soria family’s finances are more limited. But that doesn’t stand in the way of Victor’s success. Even when they arrive humbly with their self-built trailer, Victor always finds his way to the podium.

A proud Group Green Energy

The entire Group Green Energy is incredibly proud of Victor’s achievements, and we are following the Racing Team closely from the sidelines. We look forward to following Victor’s future achievements and celebrating even more victories on the track.

Follow his journey and support our young driver on his way to the future of racing.

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