Duvenbeck – stability and foresight

A journey through time and space

For more than 80 years, the Duvenbeck Group has stood for high quality in the transportation and logistics industry. From its infancy back in 1932, when a team of horses was the driving force in the goods carrying company founded by Bernhard Duvenbeck, until now when the business has developed into a full-service logistics provider with 1,600 trucks of its own in 34 locations across 8 countries.


Technology developed for vehicles

A new journey began on a cold day in December, when Jens Ottosen from Green Energy/MIPV.pro and Olaf Giesen, CEO of EUROPART Holding GmbH, met together at the Duvenbeck head office in Hamminkeln, Germany. This is where, in collaboration with Europart, the first trucks were to be equipped with CIGS solar cell sets from Green Energy/MIPV.pro. The CIGS technology is very special and adapted to life on a vehicle.


The first stage of the program is to fit 2 trucks and a Mercedes Vito with 165 Wp sets for the trucks and a 240 Wp set for the Vito. All of the vehicles would also be fitted with a custom-made 1500 W inverter – exclusively from 24 volts for the trucks – thereby equipping all the wagons with a 220 V supply.

Our inverters are purely sine inverters. They can deliver double power at peak as opposed to providing a continuous supply.


Collaboration and knowledge sharing

Duvenbeck’s own mechanics are being trained and certified by MIPV.pro, and after a test run period and evaluation, Duvenbeck will be taking responsibility for assembling the other sets. Installation of solar cells will provide fuel savings and avoid the risk of draining the vehicle batteries, and this can reduce the need for idling – a clear benefit for both the environment and the wallet.

All the sets from Green Energy/MIPV have plug-and-play capability and our products are E-certified, whereby the factory warranty is maintained for the vehicle with installation.



At Green Energy/MIPV.pro, we are proud to be involved in the next stage of the Duvenbeck Group journey, and we send them our greatest congratulations on their acquisition of their new solar cell sets.

If you would also like to install solar cells on your truck or Van, contact your local European supplier at: www.europart.net/.


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