Every day, thousands of satisfied customers roll on the road with a mipv.pro product on the roof, which ensures that there is always electricity on the vehicle and that there is a diesel saving.

Here is another example of an area where our products make a difference.

There is probably no more electricity-consuming vehicle on the road than an animal transporter which must be able to take care of animal welfare and safety against infection through ventilation and climate control. This type of vehicle got an even more advanced version this month, as the world’s first pig transports with real air conditioning rolled on the road.

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The high power consumption also means large diesel consumption. Therefore, DanBred has chosen a solution from solartruck.pro to reduce consumption and make this super advanced transport more environmentally friendly.

We are proud that another significant carrier has chosen a solartruck.pro solution from MIPV.PRO.

Press realise from DanBred: https://danbred.com/ny-danbred-transporter-sikrer-hoejeste-dyrevelfaerd-og-sundhed/