DAF Berlin relies on solar panels – an attractive solution

DAF Berlin sells and installs CIGS solar panels from Green Energy/MIPV.pro, saving more diesel annually on each long-haul truck

It has been documented that CIGS solar panels mounted on long-haul trucks result in significant annual diesel savings. In addition, the expected lifetime of lead-acid batteries is extended – to benefit the customer and the environment.

DAF Berlin is a quality organisation behind a quality product. An organisation that knows the importance of efficiency always has the customer in mind.

“We are always looking for innovations so that we can offer attractive solutions to our customers – especially in the current energy crisis; we want to help our customers, and the solar panels from Green Energy/MIPV.pro are a fantastic opportunity.”

Hear DAF talk about the many benefits of solar solutions and learn more about installing the plug-and-play system.

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