EUROPART equips workshop containers with Green Energy solar cell sets

EUROPART supplies Green Energy solar cells to the Königsborn/Magdeburg plant of the DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH company for use with workshop containers

• CIGS solar cell technology delivers autonomous, climate-friendly power
• Conversion from motor-driven to battery systems
• EUROPART is the exclusive Green Energy sales partner for Europe

The Deutsche Bahn subsidiary specialises in railway construction as well as the maintenance and repair of track installations, using workshop containers which until now were powered by fueled generators.

The all-in-one package delivered by EUROPART comprises solar cells with a peak rating of 380W, a 3,000W inverter, and a lithium battery. This is a combination that supplies the workshop containers with fully autonomous and, at the same time, climate-friendly power. EUROPART is the exclusive distributor of Green Energy solar systems in Europe. DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH and EUROPART are bonded by more than 20 years of cooperation in the field of spare parts, tools, and workshop equipment.
DB mechanics and electricians were certified as part of the work on the first workshop container, allowing them to install the solar cell sets on the remaining workshop containers after a trial phase.

High-efficiency, rugged solar cells for the container roof

Danish company Green Energy specialises in developing solar systems for mobile applications. Unlike conventional solar cells with cells made of crystalline silicon, the CIGS solar cells developed by the company are flexible and extremely resistant, which protects them from damage as well as spontaneous combustion. In addition, the innovative solar cells are capable of generating electricity even with low solar irradiation and therefore ensure a high energy yield. With their mere three millimetre thin and very flexible design, the solar cells are particularly suitable for use on vehicle roofs or other mobile applications, including container roofs. Sales partner EUROPART provides the solar cells in preconfigured MIPV (Mobile Integrated Photovoltaic) sets that include a charge controller, cut-off relay, fuse and matching inverter in various power levels. Data loggers and 230-volt inverters for connecting standard electrical equipment are available as options. EUROPART supplies the solar cell sets in a variety of sizes and power classes.

Support through training and consulting

“We are pleased to support Deutsche Bahn with our highly efficient solar cell sets which are custom-designed for mobile applications,” says Green Energy CTO Jens Ottosen. EUROPART CEO Olaf Giesen adds: “As with all other spare parts and workshop equipment, our seasoned consulting team is always ready to provide advice and support to Green Energy solar system customers and installation partners. With the innovative CIGS solar cell technology, we offer our customers an economical solution to operate their vehicles and other mobile units in a more climate-friendly manner.”

Solarzellen-Sets von Green Energy

Press release: Europart

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