Competent associate for road and construction work – now with solar cells

Where there’s a will, there’s a way – and if not, H.W. & D. Rabe Strassen und Tiefbau will establish the way assisted by the newest technology – with the help of solar cells.

For decades, the company H.W. & D. Rabe Strassen und Tiefbau GmbH in Essen, Germany, has been well-established in anything from road works and cable routing to serving advisory functions concerning construction work and soil conditions. With a desire to remain leading the field, they have sought to upgrade with the newest technology on the market. This has resulted in the installation of the first solar cell set from Green Energy/ on one of the company’s Iveco Daily garage vehicles.

Family-driven passion with authorisation

The family-driven company, a perennial member of the district craftsmen’s association in Essen and therefore authorised to perform labour for public institutions, operates regionally as well as nationally and internationally. 

With a highly specialised staff and a fleet of 20 vehicles, such as trucks, vans, wheel loaders, and drilling vehicles. They handle tasks that are of the greatest importance for the infrastructure of society. Road works that ensure traffic flow and cable routing e.g., for fibre network are just some of the tasks.

Innovation and focus on environment and staff

For the company to have chosen to get solar cells installed on a garage truck is a natural consequence of the company’s aim to deliver top service. With the installation of the flexible MIPV (Mobile Integrated Photovoltaic) solar cells, dispersed on a 160Wp set supplemented by 2x80Wp solar cell panels with an overall output of 320Wp connected directly to the 12V lithium consumer batteries, it reaches carbon neutrality and independence. With the installed 4000Watt inverter there is direct access to 220V in the car.

Oliver Böcher, a technician at Green Energy/, has personally assisted the installation. He has met CEO Dennis Rabe for a talk about the future, and why they have chosen to have solar cells installed. “We achieve an increased comfort for the worker as there’s no need for heavy generators in the cars that need to be lifted out. They will also save fuel,” he says. When the testing phase is over, the plan is to have more solar cell sets installed, Dennis Rabe continues.

We congratulate the company on its first solar cell set.

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