Another Jesper Bus – CityBus with solar cells

PRESS RELEASE: Green Energy/Solarbus presents yet another CityBus with solar cells.

Also, on the beautiful tourist island of Ærø there is a bus with sunshine subsidies from Green Energy via solar cells on the roof of a bus. The bus company Jesper Bus on the island of Ærø, has a fleet of 15 buses, divided into, among other things. 2 coaches, one of which has had solar cells fitted from Solarbus. Jesper Bus says:

“On the top of the bus there are 14 solar cells in 3 groups that produce power for a charge controller that charges directly on the bus’s batteries. This continuously charges the batteries as long as there is daylight or even better sunshine. On summer days, the bus’s ventilation system can continue to cool during terminal breaks without the engine idling. In addition, the air conditioner does not run at maximum speed when the bus is restarted”.

Jesper Bus is very proven about reducing CO2 and Nox emissions and cooperates with the Municipality’s Sustainable Committee on all aspects of climate-friendly actions. Ærø Municipality aims to make the island completely free from the use of fossil fuels. Jesper wants to be at the forefront of this transformation and is considering to order 3 new electric buses, as well as expanding the number of buses with CIGS solar cell technology from Green Energy. The hauler talks about his experience with his “Solarbus” shuttle bus:

“With a fully charged battery, the bus’s two generators need to produce significantly less power, and the engine has additional resources for propulsion, and thus a fuel saving of about 5% at max. Load. This is an annual diesel saving of between 1 January 2015 and 31 December 2015. 000 to 1.200 liters! Two generators typically reduce the engine power by 15-18 KW, the air conditioner about the same.

Had the bus had the very energy of the Travel Card System, the savings effect would have been considerably greater!”

The choice of alternative fuels is also part of Jesper’s operation – including Shell GTL Fuel. With CIGS solar cells and cleaner fuel, as well as new Electric buses on the way, Jesper Bus is at the forefront of the most environmentally friendly measures that are possible right now in his field.

The hauler’s nearest target is a reduction of about 24,000 liters of fuel on his two coaches (i.e., 2000 liters of fuel). about 30% reduction in fossil emissions.

Green Energy Scandinavia is proud to be part of Jesper’s tireless work to operate a Greener bus fleet on the island of Ærø.

Further information contact director:
Karl Andreassen,
Phone: +45 93 206 207

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