Specially developed Charge Controller ensuring optimum charging without risk of overheating

Specially developed Charge Controller ensuring optimum charging while at the same time extending the lifespan of the batteries, developed primarily for CIGS technology solar cells in the transport sector

A Charge Controller converts the voltage from the solar cells to 12V or 24V for charging batteries. It is important that this charging be regulated so that there is no risk of overcharging the batteries. The intelligent Charge Controller from Green Energy/MIPV.pro ensures this is the case.

This Charge Controller determines by itself whether it is a 12 or 24V battery that is to be charged.

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The voltage from the solar cells must be in the range of 36 – 115 V in order to charge the battery, this is governed automatically by this unit, which will shut down if it is over 115 V.

The charging algorithm and the built-in intelligence make sure that the battery is not overcharged, which otherwise poses a risk of ‘frying’ the battery. Hence a significant risk for a fire is minimised. There is a built-in fan that cools the Charge Controller when the need arises, which protects the electronics against overheating.

Charge Controller

The charging algorithm in our standard Charge Controller prevents suphation of the lead battery, hence significantly extending its lifespan.  

Charge Controller

The Charge Controller is available in a Lithium-optimised version that is 100% fully compatible with our custom-developed and patented lithium battery.

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New high efficiency lithium battery with extreme performance.

Our Charge Controller of the type MPPT includes specially developed Multi Power Point Tracking software, which provides 30% greater yields from in specific the CIGS solar cells from Green Energy. This Charge Controller is available for lead-acid batteries, for AGM batteries and similar battery types, as well as in a version described earlier that is specially designed for lithium batteries.

Everything in this Charge Controller functions automatically via the special software, however the user can set the top charge voltage.

Default for 12 V = 14.4 and for 24 V = 28.7 V.

Our Charge Controllers are available in two variants, one for 30 amps and one 50 amps. For solar cell systems larger than 350Wp at 12V, a 50 amp charge controller must be used; this model can be used with 12, 24 and 48V systems.

Our Charge Controllers are not sold separately, but rather are a part of our Plug and Play packages.

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