C. Vreugdenhil Transport is implementing six new solar cell installations

C. Vreugdenhil Transport ensures effective general cargo transport between France, Sweden, and Holland – now with solar cell solutions for a greener future

Reduced load: Battery og CO2

Most chauffeurs today have great use for the electrical conveniences that modern trucks offer. This isn’t surprising when you know the distances they’re covering. It’s not an unnecessary luxury to have a microwave, a fridge, a TV screen, an air conditioner, lamps, and GPS. But it means that the battery is severely strained by the considerable use of all these utilities. It’s a challenge that they’re facing at C. Vreugdenhil Transport.

CIGS solar cells for transport

Even though the trucks cover many kilometres and are able to charge while driving, the electricity consumption when parked usually exceeds this amount. This means that the truck has to charge additionally during breaks by letting the engine idle – a practice not only harmful to the environment but also the cause of extensive fuel consumption.

The environmental strain has a severe impact on the life span of the battery. This has led to the search for a solution. This is where CIGS solar cell solutions for vehicles become relevant.

Unlimited use without idling

In collaboration with Wijlhuizen Rotterdam, we visited C. Vreugdenhil Transport to find the best solution to fit their needs. Based on their technical data, C. Vreugdenhil Transport has invested in six plug-and-play solar cell solutions for their trucks.

These solar cell solutions will provide the necessary power for the battery. The solar cell solution will have a significant impact, especially in situations where the truck is parked and the engine is off. Previously, the battery would be quickly discharged during these periods, but solar cell solutions help prevent this. The result is that the chauffeurs can now use the electrical utilities and the battery for much longer, even when taking a break.

A greener future

Besides this test run, C. Vreugdenhil Transport is also interested in installing solar cells on the roof of the trailers. This addition shall run the air-cooled engine and its battery. Without solar cells, the battery, on average, will be empty after ten days without charging. The add-on will prolong the period significantly.

Before long, C. Vreugdenhil Transport will equip their trucks and trailers with waterproof charging regulators and solar cells. This will prolong the battery life span and performance during use. It’s a win-win situation. It’s beneficial for the chauffeur, who will be able to use the suppliances without starting the motor. It’s also beneficial for the trailer with an air-cooled motor to have power for about ten days. Last but certainly not least, it benefits the environment since solar cell-generated power has minimal CO2 emission.

Read more about the company here: vreugdenhil-transport.nl

Unbiased data from clients worldwide shows that it’s possible to reduce annual fuel consumption with +500 liters on each long-distance truck equipped with solar cells. Do you need solar cell solutions tailored to fit your needs?

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