Black Box – The electric Swiss Army Knife

World premiere – Black Box Power Station ES3000+ for the energy consuming user

A truly major global innovation Green Energy/ has developed a Black Box aimed at the demanding users of power who do not want to compromise on performance and stability.

Black Box power station

The revolutionary Black Box, which includes the most cutting-edge BMS technology BMS (Battery Management System), has, with its total of 16 battery packs Lithium Iron phosphate (LiFePO4), a total of 2.05 kWh battery capacity as well as an integrated 3000W pure sine wave inverter.

The fact that it is a pure sine wave inverter has a significant bearing on the service life of the appliances attached to the inverter.  In addition, our products feature an advanced Soft Start so that tools requiring a vast amount of start power can also be operated. 

Black Box power station
Black Box power station

The Black Box is supplied as a set with 4 x 55Wp high voltage CIGS solar panels, so its total output is 220Wp

To charge the battery pack we use the most optimal MPPT (maximum power point tracking) charge controller, which ensures a charge efficiency close to 99%.

The high voltage set up ensures that the MPPT reacts to the smallest ray of sunlight and therefore starts producing power earlier and finishes producing it later.   The integrated MPPT charge controller can manage up to 2500Wp installed output at the input so should the resulting 220Wp turn out to be inadequate, the system can always be expanded with more solar panels.  It is important to emphasise that no component in the system is over 60V on its own and therefore may be handled by low voltage engineers and ordinary mechanics.

Our CIGS solar cells are part of the product

The accompanying solar cells are our well-known, super-flexible CIGS solar cells that are not susceptible to micro cracks or hotspots and consequently pose no fire risk. CIGS technology is something special as it takes up all the colours of daylight and, on the roof of a vehicle, will produce around 40% more than other solar cell technology in similar locations. 

The technology also stands out by being less sensitive to heat, which is the enemy of all solar cells when it comes to production. In this regard, the CIGS technology loses less than half as much production capacity due to heat compared to other solar cells technologies.  The special glue on the back of the solar cell is produced by Green Energy and functions as an insulation on the surface of the roof. Here, the maximum temperature reached between the solar cell panel and the roof is 60 degrees Celsius, thus preventing any heat-sensitive insulation in the vehicle from melting.

Black Box power station

Our Black Box, with its compact design, is built in such a way that it fits under the passenger seat of, for example, a Ford Transit van.    

Length 52 cm, width 29 cm and height 23 cm.

Black Box ES3000+ with a peak output of 5000W can  deliver green power for the most demanding of tasks.

A peak load of 5000W is possible for up to 5 minutes at a time.

Black Box power station

There are 4 charging methods

1. alternating current charging from shore-side electricity (230V)

2. solar cell charging, functions completely independently – the battery will charge wherever there is light

3. Charging from the vehicle’s generator via the advanced booster which detects on its own whenever the vehicle is operating and the generator consequently has surplus power for charging

4.  hybrid charging, here, the Black Box can function as a back-up power system (UPS), whereby the shore-side electricity is conducted through it, but the battery and the inverter is automatically engaged in the event of a power failure.

The accompanying booster, which can charge with 1180W, ensures rapid charging from the vehicle’s generator.

The booster’s installation dimensions are: Length 24 cm, width 13 cm and height 5 cm.

An Andersson connector and other installation cables are included.   Remember 25-35 square cable from the vehicle’s battery to the booster and 16 square cable from the booster to the Black Box.

There are 2 x 220 volt outlets and 4 x USB outlets, as well as 4 x USB-C outlets so that you can charge your mobile or iPad.

Black Box power station

Our Black Box is e-certified, therefore the factory warranty is maintained on the vehicles in which it is installed. The Black Box is constructed in accordance with the latest safety requirements and is, of course, shockproof.

The integrated battery is approved for transportation and has a battery management system (BMS), which ensures the continuous balancing of all the battery cells.  

The integrated LCD screen allows you to monitor the status and data in realtime. You can also follow it from your mobile phone via the integrated Bluetooth function. The App’s intuitive interface gives you an easy and clear overview. The App supports both iPhone and Android.

The Black Box can be used in any model of vehicle, irrespective of the means of propulsion.

This product cannot be purchased through distributors. Therefore, write to us directly via our contact form. Remember to state your geographical location.  

Here is a link to the Black Box ES3000+ Power Station user manual.

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