Black Box Power Station ES3000+ is the electric Swiss Army Knife

Even more green energy with the Black Box Power Station

– for the energy consuming user

There is no need to compromise on either performance or stability. The Black Box Power Station from Green Energy will never lack power. Its the electric Swiss Army Knife.

Comes with 4 flexible high voltage CIGS solar panels with a total power of 220Wp.

Black Box Power Station fact:

  • 2 pcs. 220V socket + 4 pcs. USB-output + 4 pcs. USB-C-output – e.g. for charging mobile phone, laptop and cordless machines
  • LiFePO4 battery with a total capacity of 2.05 kWh
  • Long life span – complete charges up / discharges up to 4.000 times 80% discharge up to 8.000 times
  • Built-in inverter of 3.000W pure sine
  • Advanced soft start tool with high starting current can be connected
  • Peak load of 5,000W (up to 5 min. at a time)
  • Booster is included that can charge with 1.180W – ensures fast charging from the generator
  • Compact box of only L520 x W290 x H230 mm
  • Built-in LCD screen – monitors the status from the box
  • Built-in Bluetooth function – keeps track of the status on a mobile / app
  • Maintenance-free and long life span. Comes with 3 year full warranty, and 5 year warranty can be purchased
  • E-certified

Order No.: 8000 225 055 (Fossil)

Order No.: 8000 225 056 (EV)

EV delivered with 6 pcs. solar cells Without booster.

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