Bertschi Group Offers Logistics With Swiss Precision

Bertschi Group specialises in the transportation of products to the chemical industry. A high level of professionalism and precision is fundamental. Solar cells installed on the roof of the company’s trucks support this claim

The family-run logistic business Bertschi, which has its headquarters in Dürrenasch, Switzerland, has since the company’s foundation developed itself into a global, well-established, leading transport company. Their focus: Global logistics in the chemical industry, especially fluid products.

The service they deliver demands highly specialised equipment and qualified personnel. As everywhere in the transport industry, reliability is a key factor. With the installation of the first solar cell set on one of the company’s semi-trailers, they increase their reliability even further while saving fuel.

A pioneering company from day one

The Transportation Company Bertschi Dürrenäsch was founded in 1956 by Hans Bertschi. The sole proprietor initially focused on the transportation of steel and cork. Just a few years later the first tanker truck was added to the fleet, which made it possible to transport glue. Hans Bertschi had several ideas to help the company grow, and after several attempts, he convinced the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) about the advantages of transporting trucks on their trains. The first transport from Basel to Lugano in 1964 marked the establishment of the combined transalpine freight transport from Germany to Italy.

Due to the company’s positive growth, Hans convinced his brother Rolf to jump aboard. Together they founded Bertschi AF. In the next couple of years, the two brothers were heavily involved in developing several groundbreaking transport solutions, such as custom-made tipping trailers, which made it possible to load semi-trailers and curtain sides onto transalpine trains travelling through Switzerland. Today the company employs a staff of 3.210 in 38 countries with a fleet of 1.000 vehicles.


A company with open-mindedness at the centre

As the company’s long and exciting history shows, enthusiasm for developing new solutions and using innovation is part of the company’s DNA. This includes the change to more sustainable options. Energy Saving solutions such as heat pumps are used at the Swiss headquarters, while the possibility of recharging electric cars and bikes makes it possible for the employees to commute in a carbon-neutral way.

The constant search for exploring new ways and better solutions has led to the installation of the first 110Wp solar cells set on three of the company´s DAF XF NGD 450 FT semi-trailers.

Mathias Richter, Green Energy/, supervised the installation and met Bertschi technical section leader, Ueli Bruder, for a chat “The products were shown to us by EUROPART. We are always looking to increase our reliability by using intelligent solutions that can ensure our customers the highest level of service. These products tick that box. The extended battery life results in fewer workshop visits. Furthermore, it helps us save fuel”, Ueli Bruder explains. He adds that “ When the initial test phase is over, we plan to install more solar sets”.

We congratulate Bertschi on their first installations.

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