The common thread in your logistics has become more sustainable

BTG Feldberg & Sohn GmbH & Co. values the environment dearly. They are therefore taking the next step and getting solar cells on their MAN TGX semi-trailer truck

At BTG Feldberg & Sohn GmbH & Co., a family-owned business that offers logistical services on an international level, they wish to be the common thread of their client’s logistics. It is also important for the company to offer a green logistics solution because environmental protection is an important part of the company’s DNA. Now, they have expanded their green initiative with solar cells from Green Energy/  

Proud traditions and a passion for customer service and environmental issues

The company, going all the way back to 1894, has taken a conscious decision by having its own fleet. A fleet that consists of 67 semi-trailer trucks and 36 semi-trailers. This choice is due to a request for the largest possible flexibility and an assurance that the whole fleet will comply with the latest standards for pollution and safety regulations. The company has also chosen to offer clients the opportunity for carbon-neutral transportation. This is done by purchasing offsetting certificates amongst other things. This is where the installation of solar cells enters the picture. The installation ensures a prolonged lifespan of a battery, avoiding idling with increased fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

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An easy choice that brings flexibility to the road

Oliver Böcher from Green Energy/ has assisted the installation of a 165Wp solar cell set on the roof of one of the company’s MAN TGX semi-trailer trucks. He had a talk with garage manager, Hans-Georg Siemen, about why they have chosen solar cells from Green Energy/ “We wish to be carbon neutral, and the solar cells bring flexibility as we bring the power along with us. It is easy to install. When the test phase is over, the plan is to get additional systems installed, also on our refrigerated semi-trailers”, says Hans-Georg Siemen.  

At Green Energy/ we congratulate BTG on their first of many solar cell sets for the benefit of their client, the environment as well as themselves.

Read more about BTG Feldberg & Sohn GmbH & Co. here:
Are you also going carbon neutral? Reach out to your local EUROPART and drive on with a green conscience.

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The common thread in your logistics has become more sustainable

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