BB-TraLog GmbH handles everything from loading to unloading

BB-TraLog GmbH operates with the transportation of building materials and timber and with solar panels on the roof of its trucks it has taken a solid green step further

Based in Rehfelde on the outskirts of Berlin, the freight forwarding company BB-TraLog GmbH has been guaranteeing its clients safe and reliable transportation of goods in the region since 2011. It specialises in the transportation of building materials and timber and with a well-equipped fleet and extensive experience the clients are guaranteed a flexible and steady solution. Its latest action is the installation of solar panels on the roof of its semi-trailer trucks for ensuring flexibility.


One company, several brilliant solutions

The company currently has 32 employees and 25 vehicles, and it offers a wide range of solutions.

  • Transportation of raw timber from felling to destination, as well as loading and unloading by crane. It is possible to transport timber from 2 meters in length up to 7 meters.
  • Transportation and storage capacity of building materials including loading and unloading by forklift with a lift capacity of 2 tonnes. All forklifts are suited for off-road use, meaning the surface underneath is no competition.
  • Truck wash, both for domestic and foreign trucks.

With its well-equipped fleet, the company is capable of planning and performing extensive logistical orders with short notice. This is where the installation of solar panels on the roof of its semi-trailer trucks enters the picture.

In-house maintenance and service ensure cooperation

Gerd-Michael from Green Energy/ has assisted with the installation of the first 165Wp solar panel set on the company’s new 2022 Volvo FH 460 I-Save semi-trailer trucks.

Here he meets with CEO and owner, Robert Seifert, for a talk about choosing products from Green Energy/

”We heard about the products from our business partner EUROPART. It is the best performance on the market and product safety is top-class. The thin design ensures that they can handle the trip to the washing hall without us having to worry about them getting stuck or damaged. The purpose of the installation is lowering fuel consumption, saving CO2, and prolonging battery lifespan,” Robert Seifert says and continues “the plan is of course to install more”. In connection with the installation, BB-TraLog has also been certified as an installation partner and is from now on able to install solar panels in its garage for EUROPART.

We congratulate BB-TraLog GmbH on its first installation and certification.


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