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Autohaus Zobjack is implementing solar cells from Green Energy/ – safety first

At the Opel car dealer in Dresden, they have a camper for rent. At first monocrystalline solar cells were installed but these were quickly replaced with flexible solar cells from Green Energy/ The reason for this is that traditional solar cells have an imminent risk of fire due to micro cracks and overheating in the panels.

A long road of tragedies and an irrepressible will

It all began in 1886 with repairing of sowing machines. In 1926, the company started doing repairs of motorcycles and DKW cars. During WW2, their workshop was completely destroyed and all of Walter Paul Schenk’s relatives were killed. Walter Paul Schenk started again. This fighter spirit is still the core of the company, which in 2011 celebrated their 125 years as a family-run vehicle sales and repair company.

A solid collaboration for the delight of both customers and the environment

Autohaus Zobjack is a certified installer of Green Energy/ products. They are looking forward to being able to offer the installment of flexible solar cells on campers. The CEO Torsten Zobjack sees a bright future in these products. The company states on their website: “With this intelligent Plug-and-Play solar system in your camper, all of your batteries will be charged using green and sustainable energy. It reduces your carbon footprint and your fuel consumption, so you can budget with much lower fuel expenses and make a valuable contribution to the protection of our environment.

Thanks to this solar system, you are totally independent of the electricity grid and will gain much more flexibility on the road. Furthermore, the capacity of the vehicle’s battery is extended with Green Energy solar systems, when it’s not moving.

Autohaus Zobjac
Before and after installation

It is Gerd-Michael Röper from Green Energy/, who joined and contributed to the installment of a 240Wp system on the company’s camper, a Karmann Mobil Dexter 560 AW 4×4 Ford Transit.

We wish Autohaus Zobjack congratulations with their new solar cells and look forward to a great continued collaboration in the future.

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