AE Dele believes in the light – with solar cells

AE Dele mounts everything within lights and lamps on cars, now also offers mounting of solar cells from Green Energy/

AE Dele was founded in 2016 by Kennet Mønster, who is now 47 years old. AE Dele offers installation of everything from hands-free mobile phone chargers, built up with Webasto heaters in cars to everything within lights and headlights on cars. AE Dele now also offers installation of the flexible solar panels from Green Energy/

A strong network and a large customer portfolio

At AE Dele we work closely with other builders all over Denmark, among others are Bentzen Autokaross a/s and VTC. Kennet Mønster is hired in many places to help during peak periods or if there is a need for expertise that the companies do not have. Kennet’s wide professional background is very popular here.

AE Dele has overseen the upbuilding and instalment on many different cars and the portfolio includes the police and emergency preparedness, tradesman cars, municipality and private cars.


Own experiences with solar cells

”I have tried working with multiple types of solar cells, the fixed and stiff panels, and the flexible panels. No other products can compete with Green Energy/ solar cells. They are incredibly easy to install”, Kennet says.

All sets are delivered as Plug-and-Play, everything used for instalments is in the box. There are QQ codes on the boxes that link to the introduction videos.

We at Green Energy/ are proud of the good cooperation with AE Dele. Kennet Mønster is a man with a great passion for his profession and work, which is in great line with our company spirit.


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All of our products are sold through EUROPART, so contact your local department and get solar cells on your vehicle ensuring your fuel savings.

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