A real dream team

When the two biggest European players in their respective fields team up, they can create sweet music and a decidedly green future together

Now, every sunrise brings a broad smile to the faces of employees at Green Energy/MIPV.PRO and EUROPART.

A real dream team
Exhibition in Europart Munich

Green Energy/MIPV.PRO, Europe’s largest supplier of solar cell products for lorries, delivery vans and buses, has teamed up with EUROPART, Europe’s largest supplier of parts for the same.

This joint effort with EUROPART’s 1,700 dedicated employees will ensure that the whole of Europe’s transport fleet is able to buy the very finest in CIGS solar cell sets, as well as inverters and lithium batteries, locally.

Innovative products represented in 27 countries

The collaboration with EUROPART, which has representatives in 27 countries, will allowGreen Energy/MIPV.PRO to cement its position as a leader in CIGS solar cell sets for vehicles.  This will mean thatGreen Energy/MIPV.PRO will now be represented in 34 countries, including the USA.

Several years of intensive development lie behind a product catalogue packed with innovative, top-quality products.

The first task of the partnership with EUROPART will be to train its 115 mobile salespeople in Germany, which will be done in close collaboration with Claus Bjerno, the new Country Manager forGreen Energy/MIPV.PRO’s German subsidiary.

A real dream team

‘To us, it’s important to get all EUROPART’s employees properly prepared so as to ensure there is uniform and professional guidance to customers, which lies at the core of both companies’ philosophy,’ explains Karl Andreassen, CEO of Green Energy A/S.

A real dream team

Green Energy/MIPV.PRO will be contributing a fleet of demo vehicles and technicians to support the local EUROPART salespeople on their visits to customers. It is critical to be able to provide end customers with information directly from the factory, which also providesGreen Energy/MIPV.PRO with valuable feedback from the market.

Fleets of demo vehicles will be built up over the next 2–3 years in each of the 27 countries in which EUROPART is represented.

‘We are incredibly proud that EUROPART has chosen Green Energy/MIPV.PRO as its collaborative partner in green issues, and that our products can now be delivered “overnight” directly from EUROPART’s 40,000 square metre central warehouse in Germany,’ explains Karl Andreassen, CEO of Green Energy A/S.

A real dream team

EUROPART has been in existence for 73 years and is a fantastic collaborative partner for us; with its presence over many years in this line of business, there is no doubting its solid position on the market, and we are ready to provide solar cells and the rest of our extremely high standard products to all of its customers. We are proud to have been on this journey and are sure that this will be a great benefit to all, while helping towards a further reduction in CO2 on the vehicles fitted with the systems.

For more information, see: www.europart.net

All products fromGreen Energy/MIPV.PRO are designed and developed in Scandinavia. Our products are E-certified, which means all factory warranties on the vehicle are maintained after fitting, which is very important to the customer. 


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