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A meeting with Nikolaj Hovmand, proprietor of Hovmand VVS Teknik at the company’s address in Vejle, for a chat about why they have chosen to drive with solar cells on their vans.

When the company needed a new fleet of vans back in 2019 they chose to focus on a green solution for recharging tools in their vehicles. The company has decided to go with a 190 Wp Solarvan.pro basic set with a 2000 W inverter on 3 vans and a 320 Wp Solarvan.pro set on a construction trailer.

perfect solution

“The solution is extremely reliable and we know there will be power regardless of the task we are called out to,” says the young proprietor. “There are always charged batteries for tools available, and the vacuum cleaner can be put to work, because a tradesman always cleans up after himself, of course,” as they say with a smile. Moreover, the construction trailer is used to ensure there is light on construction sites.

Besides the safe charging of batteries, the integrated USB connection is also important for the charging of telephones and iPads. “For example, I send quotes and arrange visits to customers from the van, so I can’t afford to run out of power,” as Nikolaj Hovmand says.

The company is so happy with the solar cell solution that solar cells will, of course, be installed on the new vehicles that are on order. The aim is to have sets on all 8 vans. “We have chosen a green profile. For us, it means a lot to be self-sufficient,” states Nikolaj.

An additional benefit of choosing this solarvan.pro product is that the inverter, which is a genuine Trafo inverter with copper coil and iron core ensures a pure sine wave. It ensures an extended service life for the products that get power from the set.

The entire product is e-certified. This means that the factory warranty is maintained on the vehicles after the sets have been fitted.

The current set was fitted by Hovmand VVS Teknik themselves. The sets are delivered as plug-and-play, but the new vans are delivered with the solution already fitted. The solution, chosen by Hovmand VVS here, can be supplemented with our lithium battery, which you can read more about here.

perfect solution

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