A Green Solution for the “Heavy Boys” on the Road

NKF Nutzfahrzeugservice Kelke & Fröscher GmbH now offers installation of solar cells from Green Energy/MIPV.pro in cooperation with EUROPART

When your truck, semi-trailer, crane, excavator or camper needs servicing, leave them in the highly capable hands of Kelke and Fröscher. The workshop has now also been certified for future MIPV (Mobile Integrated PhotoVoltarig) assembly. This happened when the company had a 240 Wp solar array installed on a Fiat Carthago in cooperation with EUROPART and with the training of Oliver Heinze from Green Energy/MIPV.pro.

kelke froscher

Strong Team

Herbert Kelke and Bernd Fröscher have been a good team at the workshop’s new location since September, where they service all types of vehicles from the largest lorries to the garden tractor. The workshop’s main activity is the repair, maintenance and retrofitting of commercial vehicles, vans and motor homes. In the new workshop there is something called lane, which is a repair area for large vehicles, now no time is spent on shunting, and it is now possible to accommodate the customer with more flexibility.

kelke froscher

A good business

Herbert Kelke says the reason they chose solar from Green Energy/MIPV is that he sees a good business in solar and the whole concept convinced him. “I see a market in assembling and installing the products”

All parts in the Green Energy/MIPV solar kits are E-certified, ensuring that the factory warranty is maintained on the vehicle. It is made sustainably; 1 used smartphone provides material for about 100 m2 of solar cells and there is a 3-year warranty on parts and 25-year performance warranty on the solar cells themselves.

We at Green Energy/MIPV.pro are proud of the new cooperation and we thank you for your trust in our products. Read more about NKF Nutzfahrzeugservice Kelke & Fröscher GmbH here: www.nkf-velten.de.

Does your car also need solar cells? Contact your local EUROPART-departments to find out more about a solution that is right for you.

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