A different solution to a known problem

Contractors are fitting solar cells to their vehicles, thus solving the issue of charging

Many contractors have new Euro6 cars and preferably with automatic transmission. At the same time, they pull big loads on their trailer. Then comes the problem, if they use the car as it is constructed in its software, then the car drives at very high revs and does not shift up into high gear so it can pull hard.

More stringent environmental requirements and new technology have led to new standards for vans, and more and more Euro 6 vehicles – preferably ones with automatic transmission – are appearing with many contractors. Contracting firms often pull large loads on their trailers. Here, the problem that they find is that, if they use the vehicle as the software is designed, the vehicle runs at very high revolutions and, in order to be able to pull hard, does not change up into a high gear.

Changing the software

One solution that many opt for is to get the manufacturer to change the software so that they are able to pull hard, particularly on motorways, where listening to the high revolutions is irritating.

This then triggers a new problem, as below 2,500 rpm a Euro 6 vehicle does not start the vehicle’s generator in order to obtain power.

What they find is that the vehicle is running at, for example, 2,100 rpm and 80 km/h, yet the warning light is showing on the dashboard due to a lack of power in the battery.

A different solution to a known problem

The green solution

A number of contractors have chosen to go a different and far more visionary route. They have fitted solar cells and inverters from Green Energy/MIPV.pro to their vehicles, thereby solving the problem of power in the battery and with the additional gain of 220 V power sockets in their vehicles.

They have chosen to buy the ready Plug and Play sets from mipv.pro. It is also possible to obtain all sets through leasing contracts.

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It can be beneficial to supplement the Plug and Play sets with the patented Lithium deep cycle battery

and the specially developed booster for the Lithium battery.

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