3 colleagues join forces to create a pioneering company

Portrait of VTC, Værktøjscentret ApS. Yet another satisfied Europart client

VTC, Værktøjscentret Aps, was founded by three colleagues in 2003. The company has since specialised in the fitting out of vehicles for workmen and industrial clients. With a fantastic mixture of standard components and special design created in a 3D CAD program, they give clients the option to find the exact configuration that suits them best in a virtual environment. An unbelievably smart and innovative method.         

As a new feature, they now also offer Danish-made solar cells from Green Energy/MIPV.PRO.

pioneering company

Approx. 500 vehicles pass through the workshop every year. 80% of these come through car dealerships, from companies with large fleets with which we sign direct contracts, says the CEO of VTC, Thomas Præstensgaard.

A challenge

When VTC was fitting out two electric Renault Kangoo ZE vehicles for a local power company, with, among other things, signal lighting, they found the right solution with solar cells from Green Energy/MIPV.pro. They installed a 220 Wp set to both vehicles.

pioneering company

“These are solar cell panels that are unbelievably easy to install,” says VTC CEO Thomas Præstensgaard. “The quality is world class, and the more we work with the products, the more enthusiastic we get. We are also super enthused about tracking feedback, as clients are extremely satisfied with this solution. An extremely reliable system that makes sure there is enough power.”

Brilliant presentation

The fact that a technician from Green Energy came to us together with a salesperson from Europart was quite clearly also one of the reasons why we opted to extend our services to include solar cell installation. It is one thing to see a product in a catalogue and a completely different thing to actually see it in operation, showcased by the manufacturer.

pioneering company
Demovan from Green Energy/MIPV.PRO

We have several solar cell projects in the pipeline, and the first private client will have their solar cell fitted to a delivery van, which will be used as a mobile motorsports workshop. Considering the tightening environmental requirements, solar cells are clearly the future, says Thomas Præstensgaard.

We at Green Energy/MIPV.pro are proud that vtcaps.dk has opted to use our products. With E-certification that maintains the vehicle’s factory warranty.


You can read more about various Plug-and-Play products from Green Energy/MIPV.pro here.

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