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Make yourself independent on the road and save CO2.

Solar Panel products for Campers, Boats and the Transport Industry.​

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Always Charged Batteries and Completly Independent on the Road

- Plug green power into your vehicle

Green Energy Scandinavia A/S has specialized in using solar energy and offers various products that convert the light into an economical, sustainable reward.

In the transportation sector, busses, trucks, and vans can significantly reduce their fuel consumption and preserve power for tools and machines while also reducing wear and tear on the vehicle’s battery.

Our solar cell system is also perfect for hobbyists, sailors, and campers.

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Tons of CO2 Saved
Equivalent to
Beech Trees Planted

Solar Panel Solutions for all Segments of the Transport Industry

Why not a solar cell plug and play system? Green Energy has the right solution for you – green, sustainable and CO2 friendly. You have always loaded batteries and you are completely independent of the electricity grid.

The solution is called MIPV (Mobile Integrated PhotoVoltaic). This new solar cell technology utilizes the whole range of the colour spectrum that generates electricity – even before the eye picks up daylight.

The panels can handle all types of washing, and these are not shadow sensitive. The result is that you always have power for your tasks.

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MIPV.PRO Mobile Solar Panels
- MIPV (Mobile Integrated PhotoVoltaic)

It is time for the climate-friendly solutions. This is especially true for tenders to municipalities, the state and climate-oriented companies. All Green Energy solutions are created at our own development center, they are thoroughly tested and of course certified E-Certified.

Green Energy specializes in the use of solar energy on mobile devices, and can now provide you with a solution that converts solar energy efficiently and sustainably. It reduces fuel consumption, battery and generator wear and tear – just as the solution meets the need for power outlets for the use of tools.

Green Energy made it possible to reach the green wave more easily, with a full range of MIPV (Mobile Integrated PhotoVoltaic) kits. MIPV systems are produced in Denmark and can be used with 12V or 24V solutions.

Solar Panels facts:

  • Slim design – 3 mm thick
  • Super flexible panels
  • Less CO2 emissions
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Installed in about 3-4 hours

The Solar panel sets are available in many different sizes and watt versions – all the way down from 55W. The Solar panels can be combined simultaneously with a 220V inverter in both 12V and 24V and from 1000W to 4000W. Our solar cells are extremely flexible, only 3mm thick and very easy to fit onto almost any surface.

Green Energy mobile solar – for true professionals